Hellenic Herald is happy to be hosting live rituals for the gods every month on our Twitch channel.
We love partnering with local organizations for rituals and events. (So feel free to contact us!)

Check the calendar below and make sure to like/follow/subscribe to our channels below!

Hellenic Herald Calendar

This calendar is our full events calendar. We have events streaming on Twitch and on our Discord server. We also allow others to submit their event for our calendar.
Event Location Key:           (T) = Twitch               (D) = on this Discord server              (IG)= on Instagram
Weekly events:
Sundays – Weekly Intention LIVE
(IG)                                 Mondays – Delphic Maxims Discussion (D)
Tuesdays &/or Fridays – Reading Stream LIVE
(T)                             Thursdays – Tarot 101 LIVE(T)
Friday/Saturday – Weekly goals/intention check-in
(D)                                   Saturdays – Divination pull LIVE (IG)