Our Calendar

The HH Calendar is always free to download!

This calendar was created with the intention of providing the Hellenic/Pagan community
with a calendar that incorporates and represents our religions and holidays while enjoying
a beautiful and useful daily devotional item.

The Hellenic Herald 2024 Calendar

Each month includes:

      • USA/UK/Canada bank holidays
      • Hellenic holidays
      • Several other pagan holidays
      • Greek names of the months
      • Facts about the deity
      • Devotional Poem / Prayer for that month’s deity
      • *NEW* Devotional section
        Use for your monthly goals, devotional activities, etc. 

When downloading, you will get access to a Google Drive folder.
Right-click on the Calender file, download and enjoy!

Pay-What-You-Can: Download for free! Pay what you can with our DONATE button. 

USA Orders: Order a physical spiral-bound calendar (at cost) for a minimum donation of $30. 

Please check the cost of shipping for your country and adjust your donation accordingly to the base price ($30) PLUS shipping to your country from the USA.

Ordering Multiple Copies:
If you’d like to order a couple more for yourself or your fellow pagans you’re welcome to use the DONATE button and let us know in your note how many you’d like.