Our Minecraft Server

Welcome to the HH Minecraft server section!

Our community Minecraft server is a creative online world to build and share our adoration of the gods in a cooperative community, building up digital temples together on our server.
We have room for all gods and worshippers, with several areas dedicated to the hellenic, roman, kemetic, norse gods and more, including the hittite, celtic and etruscan gods.

These temples are perfect for online ritual, in a time where there’s often not enough of us to meet in real life. There is an aspect of community and togetherness that comes from still being in the same virtual space as one another.

How to join the Minecraft server:
You must be an HH discord server member for at least two weeks and be at least a little active in the server. (You don’t need to write an essay just a little convo to show you’re not a bot / raider.)
You don’t need to wait two weeks to fill out the application though!

Dandelion Hill / Community Cemetery
The community cemetery was made behind Hades’s temple as a place we can honor our loved ones, human and animal. 


Events in MC!

We’ve done several plays, story times, gladiator fights and more!