Hellenic Herald is made by the community, for the community!

Helping hands and contributions are always welcome and greatly appreciated! There are lots of ways to contribute to making Hellenic Herald great!
It’s the volunteers and supporters that are the pillars that support the HH community.

Click the links below to apply for volunteer positions or submit content.

Volunteer Positions

These positions are not a part of the official HH governing body, but are equally important to Hellenic Herald. Volunteer by filling out the volunteer form above!

General Volunteer(s)*
Can assist with various duties, but have no mod powers. Are on an as needed basis. 

Content Writers / Authors*
Writes articles for the blog and/or social media sites. Responsible for researching topics, or utilizing work done by a researcher. Must cite sources.

Graphic Designer(s)
Creates graphics for use on various social media, the Discord, calendar, and for products in the Swag Shop (Hellenic Herald’s Etsy store) Must know some graphic design program, ex Canva, Adobe, etc.

Manage, sort, organize resources for easy to use access

Minecraft Server Mod 
In charge of ensuring all participants follow the rules of the server. Can protect land and alter any protected land.

Responsible for finding and verifying information that may be presented on the Discord, blog, website, Twitch stream, and/or social media platforms. Must know how to properly cite sources. 

Ritual/Event Host(s)*
Leads other members in worship and/or activities. Responsible for planning and keeping events on track, assisting/managing the creation of event material, ensuring that all participants are assigned roles/parts of the event, and collaborating and coordinating with HH admin.

Project managers*
Help manage various projects and events
Help manage long projects like info directory / resource lists, turning book club notes into a course/study guide, etc

Welcoming party/Guards* “Khaire Crew”
Chat with newbies as they enter the discord server

    • Remind people to do intros / roles 
    • possibly give them power to delete posts / timeout a person? 

Community Liaison*
These are leaders in other communities which we seek to partner with

Streamer Guests*
Join us on stream on the HH twitch / youtube channel to discuss topics like divination, reading/reviewing books/resources, talk about your patron, educate on paths, etc!