Hellenic Herald is made by the community, for the community!

Helping hands and contributions are always welcome and greatly appreciated! 
There are lots of ways to contribute to making Hellenic Herald great!
Click the links below to apply for volunteer positions or submit content.


Community liaison
Are you an active and knowledgeable member of the community? Share that info as a community liaison and keep the convos & good times rolling on the server!

Help keeping it updated, posting all the stuff we already have for it, etc. WordPress experience needed. We use Divi theme. Previous website experience preferred.

Help add to & organize our Resource library

Do you write poems/prayers/etc? Share them with the community.
Publish your works, prayers, thoughts, book reviews, etc. on the Hellenic herald website.

Social Media Liaison 
Know your way around IG, FB, Tumblr, etc? like using Canva/photoshop/etc to make cool graphics? (multiple positions available)
We need help creating lots of fun and educational posts for the community! Need someone for tumblr and IG specifically.

Streamer/stream guest
Get to stream on the HH twitch / youtube channel. Topics include divination streams, reading/reviewing books/resources, talk about your patron, educate on paths, and more! Share what you’re passionate about! Currently looking for additional Chilling Hellenists guests and Diviners

 Minecraft Mod
Help make the HH MC server more awesome by playing and building.

Graphic designers/video editors
for streams, videos, clips for social, swag, etc

Swag store manager/assistant
Need someone to help post all the amazing designs to a variety of products for our swag / etsy store.
They need to have a deep understanding of etsy, printify and some graphic design skills.

The secretary is really the wrangler. They help:

– keep track of all projects, short and tong terms,

– coordinates with the appropriate parties

– help post the calendar,

– create calendar events on the discord.

– They will also help manage the contests and coordinate sending of prizes.

– Check the various forms such as: volunteer, art/writing/resource submissions, etc

They will need to have an understanding of discord and related discord bots (or can learn them easily).  Generally they help makes sure shit gets done.

Monthly Discord Diviner: (changes monthly)

As the monthly diviner one community divination per week for a month, i don’t care what day, its your time and we are grateful for whenever you can serve the community. A lot of people have tried to do it on Sunday. But no pressure.  If you’re a bit late no pressure, we appreciate all volunteers and we all know life is… well life sometimes.

Use whatever form of divination you like. Each diviner and divination is unique, so show us your style.

Please make sure to include some sort of disclaimer saying that those who want it want it those who dont then it doesn’t apply to them. Put it in your own words.

Dont forget to tag @ weekly divination and post in 🔮divination🔮

As the monthly diviner you will be given the special role of Volunteer and have it announced in the start of the month announcements!!