Serving the Gods with Swag

We are happy to help others show their love of the gods through personal worship items such as the items below.

Pre-order the Hellenic Herald 2024 Calendar

The HH Calendar is always free to download!
Pre-order a physical spiral-bound calendar (at cost) for a minimum donation of $30.
(cost+ $5 for shipping USA.)
You also have the option of donating a little bit to HH to help keep the lights on.




Hellenic Herald 2023 Calendar

About the calendar:
This calendar was created with the intention of providing the Hellenic/Pagan community with a calendar that incorporates and represents our religion and holidays while enjoying a beautiful and useful daily devotional item.

Each month includes important and commonly known holidays, Hellenic holidays, and a few commonly known pagan holidays. Each month also includes the greek names of the months, an image of the deity celebrated that month, facts about the deity, and more.

Compiled by Victoria/Vmay
Edited by Squirrelceress Sinnwynn, HH Editor of Written Works, and Community liaison for Asteria Citadel Server. Artist @Nova IG: @novacainart.

This is FREE to download , though there is a suggested donation of $5.
You can also buy a physical spiral-bound calendar (at cost) for a minimum donation of $30. (printing + $5 shipping)
All donations are split between HH and our local artist Nova!

All rights reserved 2023 by Hellenic Herald and artist Nova. IG: @novacainart

When downloading, you will get access to a Google Drive folder.
Right-click on the Calender file, download and enjoy!