By: MythologyLover

Gentle Hephaestus,
Lord and protector of the disabled community, weilder of molten metals and of fire, skillful creator of beautiful crafts. Son of queen Hera and husband of the beautiful and loving Aphrodite. We honour you, love you, praise you.

We/I thank you for the blessings you have bestowed upon our/my lives and the lives of our/my loved ones.

We/I thank you for giving us/me the courage, determination, resilience and patience to face the world each day as you do. Even when others make it unwelcoming and inaccessible to us.

We/I thank you for giving us/me the ability and opportunity to create beauty with our/my hands as you do. Even when it feels frustrating.

We/I thank you for teaching and reminding us/me to forgive those who deserve it when they treat me/us unequally because of the society they have been raised in.

We/I thank you for the gift of patience necessary to educate those willing to learn and change. Both in relation to changing people’s attitudes and teaching people to use their hands to create joy instead of harm.

We/I pray that your presence in our/my life will continue to bring amazing things and be a joyful experience for us/me and also you.

We/I thank you glorious Hephaestus, wheelchair-using God of the hammer and the anvil, of the forge and all it can be used to create. May your name be praised in love for eternity.

Artist credit: Nova

Artist credit: Nova