By Celeste Horrocks on Unsplash

Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash

The vast majority of pagans feel the need to connect with Deities, whether they are specific to some pantheon or more broad concepts like “The Goddess” from certain Wiccan traditions. However, many times, with our non-stop daily life, we don’t even have time to do anything, much less start or keep a devotional practice. So, today, we’re going to cover ways to stay connected with our Deities (even if it’s simple) despite living on a kind of daily roller coaster.

First, as is to be expected, you have to investigate the things that are associated with the Deity in question (and I’m not just talking about herbs, crystals, and the like, but also characteristics and traits). Knowing the Deities we worship (both their mythology, form of worship, etc.) is essential to establishing a more stable connection. Once you have all this knowledge, it will become much easier to adopt this worship into your daily life. An example: With the Goddess Hekate, in your daily life there are many ways that you can show your worship and pay homage. It doesn’t always need to be rituals and candles and offerings, some gestures from your part can and do make the difference. For example, the Goddess Hekate is the Goddess of the Crossroads so don’t deny people advice and instead give it freely because then you will be helping people in their ways and will be doing something connected to the Goddess. Another thing can be to learn to deal with the crossroads of life and the choices that need to be made, perhaps maybe even asking Hekate for help to guide you through more complicated times. You can also have symbols of the Deity with you on a necklace or ring or any other method you like.

Another example, in case the Deity you worship is Aphrodite, you can take a few hours out of your day to treat yourself and dedicate some time to your well-being. Take a bubble bath, relax, do something you enjoy and pamper yourself. By treating yourself you will be showing respect for the Goddess in question and following her teachings. In the case of Hermes, for example, He’s associated with communication either electronically or by letter. Use communication methods (write letter to friends, send e-mails, be in touch with other people, etc.), don’t get angry when you are tricked by friends or have a prank pulled on you and try to see the positive side of those actions. After all, Hermes is considered a Trickster God, that is, a God given to pulling pranks on people, including His devotees.

It’s the simple things like that that can make a difference and allow us to learn great lessons from the Deities, even when we think we don’t even have time to even breathe deeply. But of course, if you have the opportunity, don’t waste it, do something more elaborate, perhaps some offering, a poem or text dedicated to the Gods or even, if time permits, an elaborate ritual!

Let your mind go and don’t limit yourself. There are a thousand and one things we can do to maintain your connection with the Gods in your daily life. We just have to think and look beyond the obvious and we’ll see: something will come up!

Alexia Moon