This week I will… Love unconditionally. 

This week I will love unconditionally. I think that this intention is very important for all of us. It is important that we learn to love unconditionally.

This is an extremely hard thing especially when it comes to relationships of any kind because of course relationships have different kinds of rules. You may speak to your parents differently than you may speak to your friends or colleagues. I think that’s where loving unconditionally seems to be a problem because we think that we have to have all of these rules or internal criteria met in order to love someone. When an actual truth all we have to do is commit to loving them regardless of anything else.

Now that does not mean that if they do something bad or inappropriate then we forgive them and forget that they did such a thing but instead it means that we hold them responsible with compassion. I think that is especially true not only for our family because if they do something inappropriate or disrespectful the hurt is so much more than if a stranger did something like that.

I also think that this is especially important for ourselves. we are deserving of love regardless of whether we accomplished our To Do List, or if we got to work on time, or if we follow our exercise or diet plan or now. We are deserving of unconditional love from ourselves and the compassion and kindness and forgiveness that comes with it. I have met so many people who are willing to give and give and give until they have nothing left but when it comes to themselves are not willing to give even an inch. And I am sad to say that I am also one of those people. . But we have to learn that to love ourselves unconditionally and allow ourselves the room and space for mistakes or missteps with self-love surrounding that space.

So for this week let us love unconditionally. Let us love our friends and our family and our fellow humans without expectation or requirements. Let us love ourselves regardless if we accomplish all of the things that are To Do List or not. Let us spend just this week filled with live, unconditional, and without requirements. 

Please keep this intention in mind during this week and comment below how you felt it impacted you.