This week I will avoid external distractions.

On Instagram Live, I talked about how there are already so many distractions in the world, and especially on a holiday like today there can be a lot of loud noises, or parties, etc that distract us ( in good or bad ways) from what needs to be done or what is on our path. The things that the Gods have put before us to be our very best selves or to get us where we are meant to be.

Now that’s not necessarily a bad thing because here and there we all could use a bit of R&R and of course we have Deities specifically for that. 

But ultimately we do have to get back on the path we do have to focus and make sure that we are not being distracted from external things and instead focusing on the work that we need to do within our lives within our practice and sometimes within ourselves.

Of course, the comments are always open! I’d love to know what you think about this weekly intention about what it means to you especially if you’re having different thoughts than what I talked about.

Let me know how you might work on re-focusing and kind of blocking out those external distractions. (You never know your suggestion may help someone else!)