This week I will… follow the bliss.

Joseph Campbell notably said that he always advises his students to follow their bliss. And what that meant was that you should go where you are driven to go where your body and soul is telling you to go.

Now, to me, that doesn’t necessarily mean that to only do exactly what you want ever because of course, we have responsibilities and people we want to take care of in our lives. And sometimes the things that we might do in order
to get through our day today may not necessarily be the most fun thing we’ve ever done. But if we are doing them
with our goals, the thing we aim for that makes us happy, if we keep those in mind the things that are our driving
force then we can follow our bliss.

Maybe it’s going grocery shopping so that you can have the drink or snack that makes you happy at home. Going shopping isn’t always fun especially if it’s for necessities but if we include the thing that makes us happy, which for
me at the moment is coconut milk, then when I get home from doing the grocery shopping I will get to have the
thing that makes me happy; Coconut milk.


What are your thoughts on the weekly intention?